01 January 2017
The Idea
2017 and earlier. Starting in 2001 the UXM project CEO developed an online marketing method and platform that has been used to successfully build multiple businesses in multiple countries. COMPLETE


01 January 2018
The Bigger Idea
While planning the commercialization of a new consumer products business the founders made a discovery. They realized that the marketing platform they were planning to use, with added blockchain-driven features could optimize every transaction worldwide. Furthermore this new platform could also provide numerous opportunities for shoppers and business buyers, advertisers and marketers, extra income seekers and crypto token enthusiasts worldwide. COMPLETE
01 March 2018
The new blockchain driven marketing platform is christened “The Universal Exchange Marketplace" – “The UXM”. COMPLETE
05 March 2018
Positive Results
Test marketing with UXM methods shows positive results. COMPLETE
01 May 2018
New UXM technical and business methods are formalized and rapid prototyping begins. COMPLETE
28 May 2018
UXM Token Introduced
UXM ERC20 token is introduced May 28, 2018. COMPLETE
28 May 2018
Join the UXM Free
Individuals and businesses can join the UXM platform free of charge with no obligation. COMPLETE
01 October 2018
Beta Launch
The UXM platform internal beta launch was completed October 2018 COMPLETE


15 January 2019
Official Launch
The UXM officially launches January 15, 2019 COMPLETE
15 April 2019
Regional Acceleration
Accelerate and support the opening of key membership regions around the world
01 July 2019
Vertical Acceleration
Accelerate and support the opening of key vertical segments around the world
01 August 2019
Only the Beginning
This is only the beginning. The UXM offers so much benefit and opportunity to so many that it truly has no limits.