How To Buy On The UXM

a) To BROWSE click the BROWSE button and select from the dropdown menu of categories to browse.

b) To SEARCH enter any word that pertains to the item you are looking for.

After you browse or search a list of items will appear. Each item will have one of more of the following buttons.

ADD TO CARD – Click this button to add the item to your shopping cart.

READ MORE – Click this button to read the full details about the item.

PICKUP/SERVICE LOCATION – If this button appears it indicates that the item is an OFFLINE transaction meaning that you will purchase on the UXM with your member discount then pickup/receive the item or service at a specific location. For example a retail store or service center; or a service that is performed at your home or office in a specified area. The specified area may be anywhere from worldwide to a local street address.

For an OFFLINE transaction you will pay online and receive the UXM member discount and your payment will not be released to the Seller until you have received the item and you and the Seller both verify the transaction is complete via the UXM. To complete the verify process click the MY PURCHASES button on the UXM Home Page, then find the transaction in the list and click VERIFY. The Seller will click verify in the ORDERS section found under SELL on the DASHBOARD. Generally you and the Seller will do this together at the time the item is collected, similar to the way a cash transaction would take place.

Click the shopping cart icon in the top right area of your screen to view the items in your cart. If you selected items from multiple Sellers you will see one cart for each Seller.

After you click the shopping cart icon in the top right area of your screen, click the CHECK OUT button of the cart you wish to purchase.

If you see multiple shopping carts this means you’ve added items from multiple sellers to your shopping cart.  You must Check Out separately for each cart, and each cart will be processed as a separate order.