How UXM Discounts and Commissions Work

Discounts and Commissions are incentives for buyers and the UXM network to buy and promote the items offered by the Seller. With these incentives set at a fixed rate by the Seller and only paid when the sale is transacted the Seller avoids risks generally incurred with traditional marketing and advertising models whereby promotion costs are paid without the guarantee of a sale. This uncertainty normally causes a Seller to pad (increase) the selling price to compensate for the risk. And even then, the Seller may still end up losing money on sales after factoring in the promotional costs. With UXM Optimization there is no such risk so the Seller can offer discounts and commissions and know exactly how much profit will be made on every sale. This type of risk-free selling allows Sellers, small or large, to grow business without upfront advertising and marketing costs.

a) Discounts of course offer incentive to buyers.

b) Level 1 Commission promotes the sale of a Seller’s items by other UXM members because the Level 1 commission is paid to the UXM member who invited the Buyer of the item to join the UXM. In some cases, the Seller actually receives the Level 1 commission if the Buyer was invited to join the UXM by the Seller. Level 1 commission is an incentive for other UXM members to promote Sellers products to and through their networks.

c) Level 2 – 5 Commissions are paid to the network of the UXM member who invited the UXM member who invited the Buyer of an item Commissions for levels 2 – 5 provide the incentive for networks outside of a Sellers own network to promote the Sellers items.

a) Discounts and Commissions can be set by the Seller.

b) Discounts and Commissions are set when creating an Optimization

c) Sellers may create as many Optimizations as they wish. Therefore different discounts and commissions can easily be applied for different items or groups of items.

d) Discounts and Commissions are set as a percentage of Retail Price.

e) If you need a customized discount and commissions model click here and submit your requirements.